Great Transition Stories is based on the insight that the stories we tell shape our experience and that different stories can lead to different outcomes. The stories that frame our experience and that we tell during this time will greatly influence the path we take through the Great Transition. We have the ability to consciously choose the story that guides our future, and thus influence, the outcome of the Great Transition.

This project is an open-source collaboration to collect and present essential, emergent wisdom about a range of life-affirming stories that can guide us through the Great Transition. In most cases, such leading-edge wisdom cannot be found on mainstream sites such as Wikipedia and exists elsewhere only in fragments. Thus the goal of the Great Transition Stories project is to assist humanity at this critical juncture by making these powerful stories, and related resources, readily accessible to mainstream culture.


The mission of the “Great Transition Stories Project” is to gather, understand, and share the great stories that can guide humanity through our time of profound transition to a sustainable and thriving future. Discovering the simple, emotionally powerful stories that describe our human journey and call our higher human potentials from us is a key task for our times. This is a profoundly rare moment in human evolution when we are beginning to develop the story of “all of us.” With the old stories breaking down, and new stories not yet in their place, the world is uniquely open to receiving “Great Transition Stories.” Our mission is to meet this window of opportunity with inspiring and empowering new stories that are grounded in lived experience.

Next Steps

The first step in building a promising future for humanity is to visualize it together. Although many people can visualize a future of catastrophe and ruin, far fewer can imagine a future of opportunity and renewal. This is understandable as daily we are fed news reports of global climate disruption, running out of cheap oil, species extinction, the spread of weapons of mass destruction, and more. Not surprisingly, a future of conflict and suffering is easy to imagine while a future of harmony and health is still a vague and unformed possibility in our collective imagination. In a self-fulfilling prophecy, we tend to actualize what we can vividly imagine.

We face big challenges and it will take an equally big vision to transform conflict into cooperation and draw us into a promising future. To engage in the unprecedented task of envisioning a workable and meaningful future for humanity, we require tools of imagination and collective communication that enable us to stand back from current crises and see the human journey in a larger perspective. The images and stories that we hold of ourselves act as a magnet to draw us into the future. Perhaps the most difficult challenge facing humanity is not devising solutions to the energy crisis or climate crisis or species extinction; rather, it is bringing images and archetypes of the human journey into our collective awareness that empower us to look beyond a future of great adversity and to see a future of great opportunity.