Deepak Chopra: Trump is America’s Shadow

Posted by Michele Stern on December 4, 2016

During the 2016 Presidential Campaign, Deepak Chopra wrote an article to explain what he perceived was an overlooked way to understand the rise of Donald Trump. He said that Trump stands for something universal, “an aspect of the human psyche that we feel embarrassed and ashamed of, which makes it our collective secret.” Read post

Living Universe or Dead Universe

Posted by Lynnaea Lumbard on August 16, 2016

“Would you rather live in a living universe or a dead universe?” a friend asks her friends. Do we know the difference? This difference in how we understand the nature of our Universe is fundamental for all other Great Transition Stories. Duane Elgin has developed this simple and marvelous chart describing the characteristics of a living universe and contrasting them with a dead universe. It’s a clear way of inviting thought and conversation about the world in which we live! Read post