The Great Transition

450px-HumanitysJourneyOfGreatTransitionWhere are we?

We start with the premise that we are in a great transition, where many systems and ideas that have been in place–some for decades, some for centuries, some even for millennia—are rapidly changing. Some are dissolving or disintegrating and some are emerging or being born. We are in the middle trying to make sense of the chaos of such profound change.

Here we explore the different names that some of the wisdom keepers of our time have come up with to try to describe this Great Transition from an overview perspective. We’ll look at the megatrends that are driving the changes we see happening all around us. Then we’ll examine different kinds of transition stories: those Great Stories about humanity’s relationship to itself and to Earth that are themselves in a process of change AND those stories from How Life Does Change that offer clues to successful life-affirming transformation.

Lastly, you’ll find a section of why we think stories matter and how they can help us.

Different Names for the Great Transition

People from diverse backgrounds and disciplines are seeing the potential for a global transition to a more promising future. Social visionaries and professional futurists, scientists and spiritual leaders, systems thinkers, biologists, cosmologists, and depth psychologists—all have begun to see the possibility of a shift to a workable and meaningful future that we can co-create together. Read post

Trends Driving Transition

When multiple “adversity trends” interact with one another, the consequences can be devastating. For example, when climate disruption and energy shortages reduce global food production while population is still growing, it becomes painfully clear that humanity faces a systems crisis of global proportions. It is important to see the scope, severity, timing, and complexity of Read post

What Is a Great Transition Story?

A story of great transition has a number of attributes: It is universal, simple, emotionally powerful, evocative of our higher potentials, and more. Key Characteristics A story of ‘great transition’ recognizes that the human community is challenged to step up to a new level of responsibility for the world we are creating. These stories are: Read post

Why Great Transition Stories Matter

Although humanity has always faced challenges throughout history, the challenges we face at this time are unique in one respect, and this makes all the difference: There are no frontiers left. For example, climate change respects no national boundaries. The circle has closed and, because the Earth has converged into a single, integrated system, a Read post